Mission in Cambodia

Major Brad Cogswell is mission leader of a medical mission organized by the US Air force in Cambodia from May 25th to 29th.  Over 65 men and women from the US Air force were involved in the mission, which works with doctors from the Cambodian Royal Armed Force.  Each day they helped over 800 patients free of charge.  Many patients had diseases in their latest stages, conditions that are virtually nonexistent in developed countries.  “We’re trying to find what the gaps are and fill them,” said Cogswell.  One of the most important things that this mission accomplished was the opportunity for local doctors to learn new techniques and skills from military medics. The training doctors gain increases their ability to help patients.  However, learning went both ways.  “The Khmer doctors are very efficient with their use of supplies. I think that we learned ways to approach procedures that will help us out. It was a mutual learning experience”, said Cogswell.


I’ll be away from home for the next three weeks, so there will be no new entries before late June.

About mcogswell2

I am a retired minister of the United Church of Canada. I am currently Editor of the Cogswell Courier, the newsletter of the Cogswell Family Association.
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