Edmund John Cogswell (Descendants of John Cogswell #5444), Son of Gideon Cogswell and Lucilla S. Perkins was born May 25th, 1838.  He was a Barrister at Law in Kentville, N. S.  He received the degree of LL.B. from the University of Halifax, N.S., and the same degree from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.  E. O. Jameson’s 1884 book The Cogswells in America was much indebted to Mr. Cogswell for the facts he gathered and communicated.

I found him mentioned in passing as a writer on Kentville (N.S,)’s early days in a historical item in the news today.  I looked to see what else I could find, and came up with a book result: The Cogswell family genealogical material, 1881-1882 by Edmund J Cogswell (Unknown Binding – 1880) currently unavailable.  Presumably that is the material he sent to Jameson. 

He was appointed by the Governor in Council under the Insolvent Act, as an official assignee to handle the debts of bankrupt people in 1875.

And I found the death notice of his widow (we didn’t even know he was married): Cogswell, Mrs. Bessie Randall, daughter of Charles D. Randall, widow of Edmund J. Cogswell, died at Wolfville, 23 March 1913, age 64 years.   

If anyone has any further information, I’d like to have it.

About mcogswell2

I am a retired minister of the United Church of Canada. I am currently Editor of the Cogswell Courier, the newsletter of the Cogswell Family Association.
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