Problems with the Immigrant Cogswell Children

      The children of John and Elizabeth (Thomson) Cogswell, immigrants to America in 1635 are often incorrectly listed.  Here is the list from the Westbury Parish Registers:

1. Elizabetha (Elizabeth) baptized September 15th, 1616 (not 1635)
      2. Maria (Mary) baptized July 24th, 1618
      3. William baptized in March 1619/20
      4. Johannes (John) baptized July 25th, 1622
      5. Phyllis baptized July 2nd, 1624 – remained in England
      6. Hanna (Hannah) baptized April 6th, 1626
      7. Heaster (Esther) baptized May 4th, 1626 – see 11 below
      8. Edward baptized April 16th, 1630
      9. Alice baptized September 29th, 1631 – nothing further known
      10. Ruth baptized November 25th, 1633 – nothing further known
To this list some add children for whom no baptism is recorded:
      11. Abigail – she was in America.  Some suggest she was Esther but using a different name, but this is unproven.
      12. Sarah – she died January 24th, 1732 aged 85.  She may not even have been a Cogswell.  (If she was John and Elizabeth’s daughter, her mother was over 50 when she was born.)

About mcogswell2

I am a retired minister of the United Church of Canada. I am currently Editor of the Cogswell Courier, the newsletter of the Cogswell Family Association.
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