Veteran flies in vintage airplane

     CFA member Larry Cogswell (Descendants of John Cogswell # 9562) grew up in Presque Isle, Maine, and was originally training to fly fighter planes when he joined the Army Air Force.  As the war in Europe was grinding to a conclusion, the need for bomber crews exceeded the need for fighter pilots, so he switched. Stationed at Deopham Green, England, with the 452nd Bomb Group, Cogswell flew a dozen missions before the war ended.  His unit won a presidential citation for "outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy" for its attack on an important airfield in Kaltenkirchen, Germany, on April 7, 1945.  After he returned to the U.S., he eventually went to work for Western Electric Co., the electronics manufacturing firm that was a major Merrimack Valley employer for decades. He and his wife moved to West Newbury, Mass., in 1954 and have been in their house on Farm Lane since 1965.
     The now 86-year-old Cogswell was active in politics for many years. He worked on behalf of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater’s unsuccessful Republican candidacy for president in 1964, and was an active supporter of GOP governors John Volpe and Francis Sargent.  He is also a member of the 452nd Bomb Group Association, which meets annually at various locations around the country. The 452nd, he said, is the oldest World War II unit that is still in operation, based at March Field in Riverside, Calif.
     Cogswell said he has taken other B-17 rides since leaving the service and he has strong feelings about the Flying Fortress.  "She’s a beautiful ship," he said. "She took me over there and brought me back."  Cogswell brought along the leather flight jacket from his plane, the Hi-Blower.  He was a passenger aboard the Aluminum Overcast, a World War II B-17 bomber that flew over downtown Newburyport August 19th as part of a Salute to Veterans Tour hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association.

About mcogswell2

I am a retired minister of the United Church of Canada. I am currently Editor of the Cogswell Courier, the newsletter of the Cogswell Family Association.
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