August Courier at the Printers

The August Courier is now in the hands of the printer. It has stories about the Fountain of Hooch, our Earliest known Cogswell Ancestors, how the Courier is produced, John Marshall Cogswell of Colorado, Stefan and Zachary Cogswell – baseball players, Molly Cogswell-Kelley, Darline Cogswell – president of the New Brunswick Nurses’ Association, Leander Winslow Cogswell and artist Margaret Cogswell.

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Picure of Mary Cogswell goes Viral

Mary CogswellMary Cogswell of Halifax, N. S., now age 72, was declared legally blind in 1987 at the age of 47. She has long been a customer at Halifax’s Sobey’s Queen Street grocery store. Cogswell, who lives nearby, goes to the supermarket several times a week. Being legally blind, she often relies on the staff’s help. “She’s just a really nice lady,” Austin MacNeill, 22, said of her. “She’s just friendly to everybody and she knows exactly what she wants when she goes around and it makes it easy for us.” She often relies on the staff’s help to help get her bags home. Austin met Mary Cogswell, 72, approximately three months ago when she came in looking for assistance in getting groceries and taking them home. MacNeill, who is celebrating six months of working at Sobeys January 31st, said the staff at the store is very helpful. Three months ago Mary met Austin. In the six years she’s shopped at Sobeys the staff has helped her for five. She “It would be hard. If they weren’t able to help me then I would have to make extra trips down there to get what I need,” she told reporters. As she’s legally blind, Austin has helped her walk to her nearby home several times over the last few months.
Mary says the staff at the Queen Street Sobeys in Halifax has helped walk her home for about five years. Cogswell said employees at Sobeys have been helping her get her groceries home for about five years, regardless of the season. “They always do that at Sobeys, whoever takes me around there. They walk me home,” she said. Cogswell said it was the staff’s idea to help her in the first place. “Once they got to know me, they started automatically, on their own, doing it and asking the supervisor if they could walk me up and the supervisor would say yes. If that person couldn’t walk me up, they would always see to it that [somebody] did.”
On Friday morning, January 30th, Terri Bordage Stevens was driving in Halifax by Sobeys Queen Street and made his friend slow down so I could snap a wonderful picture. It showed Halifax grocery store clerk walking a 72-year-old customer home on icy sidewalks – Mary Cogswell and Austin MacNeill. He pasted the photo on Facebook. Bordage Stevens wrote in the Facebook post. “Now that’s putting your customer first.” The picture shows Sobeys employee Austin MacNeill helping Mary Cogswell, who is legally blind, navigate the icy sidewalks on Queen Street in the city’s south end. Within one day of hitting Facebook the image had more than 13,000 likes and 5,000 shares. It had gone viral, surprising MacNeill, Cogswell and the Sobeys’ staff. “One of the ladies from the blind community said, ‘You’re more popular than the Queen right now,’” MacNeil joked to Global News. MacNeil said he never expected to be so well known, but hopes the image might inspire others.
Cogswell learned about the Facebook photo through a friend on Saturday morning.
MacNeil said Cogswell is a nice woman who always makes it easy for the staff to help her. “Everybody at the store likes to help people out. It’s just kind of the thing we do. It happens on a daily basis,” he said. MacNeill said the sidewalk does not get ploughed very well, so it can often be icy during the winter. People have already recognized MacNeill. He says that he went to a convenience store today and the clerk recognized him. “That was a little weird,” he said.

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Chef Stacy Cogswell

Stacy CogswellLocal chef Stacy Cogswell of Brookline’s The Regal Beagle was eliminated in episode 6 of Top Chef. Her birthday was June 1st, the day episode 6 of Top Chef was filmed. Several chefs have been eliminated on their birthdays, and this is known as the birthday curse. The annual “cook with incredibly limited tools” challenge took the contestants to Plymouth Plantation, where they were asked to prepare a Thanksgiving feast using 17th-century cooking equipment. The judges praised everyone’s dishes but were required to eliminate someone. Stacy Cogswell of Boston was the unlucky chef. However, she got a new job out of it. Stacy is joining the culinary team at the veddy swish, veddy trendy Liquid Art House restaurant-gallery. She did a special “pop-up” cooking cameo at Liquid Art House, the gallery-lounge-restaurant on Arlington Street on New Year’s Eve, creating the menu for the New Year’s Eve party, and then started full time Jan. 13th.

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Mexican Cogswell Swimmers

Justin and Alex Cogswell FloresShown are Angel Alexander Flores Cogswell (right), age 13, and his younger brother, Justin Clemente Flores Cogswell, age 10.
Alex did nine events and Justin did six, which was all they could do in their different age categories at a meet October 31st, November 1st and 2nd.
Alex’s time in the 50 free was 28.58 that’s .26 seconds short of qualifying for the Mexican (National short course swim meet) in December 2014. Alex turned 13 in July 2014, so he is just starting out in the age 13-14 category. Alex swam his first 400 IM (Individual Medley of all four strokes), each 50 meters but didn’t do as well as he’d hoped. Unfortunately, he developed a bad chest cold two weeks prior to this three day state meet requiring antibiotics. So, he really wasn’t able to swim up to his full potential. Justin (10) placed 10th in a couple of his 10 -11 category with 75 some kids competing in his age group at this larger meet. They swam six different races a piece throughout the three day meet.
They live in a small town outside of Guadalajara, in Ajijic. Their team only has around 12 kids on the team. Most kids that compete at this level are swimming at least 2 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week. These boys swim three days a week for about 45 minutes; Saturdays they swim about 30 minutes more. Alex also does a Crossfit class twice a week to build muscles without lifting weights.
In November, Alex attended another swim meet to better his 50 freestyle since he came so close the last time. He made it in 28.09 seconds including a flip turn on a 25 meter pool, which was a qualifying time for the Mexican National meet in December for 13 & 14 age group. The Mexican National event will be in December, two hours drive from where we live and during the holidays. So, we probably won’t attend since it’s just one event, but we’re so proud of this personal accomplishment.
He has another year to stay in this bracket and hopefully will have an opportunity to qualify in the other strokes along with longer distance races as well.
In addition to swimming, Alex plays the guitar and sings in the Presbyterian Church choir with his mother (Heather Sue who is married to Miguel Angel Flores Monteon) and grandparents (Larry and Pamela Cogswell.) Justin plays the clarinet and sings in CREM, a youth orchestra and vocal group.

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Morgan Cogswell teaches in Palestine

Morgan and LiamMorgan's classMorgan Cogswell of Ottawa, Ontario, is in Ramallah where she is teaching English to a class of girls. Her boyfriend, Liam Bedard, is working with American Friends of the Middle East delivering life-saving supplies to Yezidi families who have been devastated by displacement. On their way to Palestine they visited Amman, Jordan, and had a great day at Mount Nebo (burial place of Moses), Madaba, and the Dead Sea. They also visited Aqaba and went swimming in the Red Sea. Morgan misplaced her passport but located the taxi driver and got it back. Morgan started teaching on August 7th and plans to return to Canada at the end of August.  (Morgan is in the white blouse near the center of the picture.

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Cogswells in baseball

Ed CogswellCharles Cogswell baseballBranden Cogswell isn’t the first Cogswell to play major league baseball. Edward Cogswell (left) played for the Boston Red Caps (1879), the Troy Trojans (1880) and the Worchester Ruby Legs (1882.) Charles Cogswell (right fielder lying left in picture) played for the South Bend (Indiana) Greens, in 1903.

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Branden Cogswell Begins Professional Career

Branden Cogswell slidesWith his career at Virginia now over, Branden Cogswell officially started the next chapter of his baseball career on July 3rd ¬– as a prospect in the Oakland Athletics organization. After hitting .391 at the College World Series, Cogswell decided to forego his senior season at the University of Virginia to sign with the Athletics. The A’s made Cogswell their seventh-round pick in this year’s draft. The 2011 Shen graduate flew out to Oakland on July 3rd to take his physical and sign his contract, which is essentially a $200,000 signing bonus Cogswell will receive half of the $200,000 at the end of the month and the other half by the end of the year. Along with the signing bonus, the shortstop prospect will receive a monthly salary on the minor league level he is playing in.
After California, Cogswell headed to Arizona to play with the Athletics’ rookie league team, the AZL Athletics. After a couple of weeks with the AZL Athletics, Cogswell was to begin playing with one of the Athletic’s Single-A teams, the Single-A Beloit Snappers or the Short-Season A Vermont Lake Monsters. While playing with the Lake Monsters would provide the 2011 ABCA/Rawlings High School Third-Team All-American an opportunity to play a series in the Capital Region, against the Tri-City ValleyCats, it was not Cogswell’s first choice. “I’d prefer (Beloit,) Wisconsin,” Cogswell said. “I know nobody else would, but whenever you can play at a higher level in the minor league system you take full advantage of that.”
After finding out he was heading to Beloit on July 6th, Cogswell packed up his things and hopped on a plane to join the Snappers early the next day. “July 7th, Beloit had an off day, so that was nice,” the former University of Virginia second baseman said. “It was just kind of packing up and moving in a short amount of time. It’s something I’m starting to get used to.
Shenendehowa graduate Branden Cogswell began his professional baseball career, playing for the Beloit Snappers, the full season A-ball affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. July 8th, there was his name on the line-up card “No. 2, DH, Cogswell.” He opened his pro career as a designated hitter. He went 1-4 with a single and a stolen base in his first game as a minor leaguer.
He was 1-8 through two games, and hit at the top of the order on July 9th. After playing shortstop during his sophomore season, Cogswell moved to second base, where he earned first-team all-ACC honors, but the Snappers played him at shortstop Wednesday. The A’s want to give him a long look at shortstop, however, and that’s just fine with him.
The Beloit Snappers snapped a three-game winning streak as they fell to the Burlington Bees 6-2 July 9th. Branden Cogswell hit into a groundout double play and the Snappers stranded three runners on base. Cogswell had a hit and drew two walks out of the leadoff spot July 10th, a good sign after going 1-for-8 in his first two games.
Now, not only must Cogswell adjust to professional pitching, hitting with wood bats and the daily grind of a baseball season, he must also get used to playing his home games in a modest facility in front of small crowds.

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